GE distributes IntraMedical Imaging's probes
GE Healthcare has inked an agreement to distribute IntraMedical Imaging LLC.'s surgical oncology device in the U.S. market.  
Concurrent with the agreement, GE will be the exclusive U.S. distributor of Node Seeker and PET-Probe, both developed by IntraMedical of Los Angeles, Calif. The advanced tools allow surgeons to localize tumors and lymph nodes during cancer surgery.  
According to GE, surgical oncologists use these specialized radiation detection probes to identify sentinel lymph nodes, presently a standard of care technique for staging breast cancer and melanoma.
IntraMedical's Node Seeker and PET-Probe enables a surgeon to detect tumors as minute as 0.006 gram, GE said.  
The announcement was made at the Society of Surgical Oncology's 58th Cancer Symposium, March 3 - 6, in Atlanta, Ga.