Group makes available tool to support vendor interoperability work
The HIMSS EHRVA (Electronic Health Record Vendors Association) has announced the availability of its Quick Start Guide for Care Record Summary Documents Using CDA Release 2.0 as a tool to support healthcare software developer implementation of the CDA/CRS (Clinical Document Architecture/Care Record Summary) standard developed by Health Level Seven (HL7), according to a release.

The CDA/CRS Quick Start Guide provides directives for managing clinical content in order to establish healthcare information interoperability. The Guide was developed by Alschuler Associates, LLC, a consulting firm that also worked with the EHRVA on the Quick Start Guide for Simple CDA Release 2.0 Documents.

CRS and the Quick Start Guide were central to the success of the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE, Showcase at the 2006 HIMSS Annual Conference, HIMSS said. The guide is supported by the Interoperability Collaborative (IC) composed of EHRVA, HL7 and IHE members. The CRS complements the EHRVA Interoperability Roadmap which was recently made available for public comment ( 

The CDA/CRS Quick Start Guide is available at or for information contact