Images-on-Call launches new film digitizer and security technology for remote viewing
Images-on-Call (IOC) has released IOC-PACS-Appliance Film DigitizerStation designed to scan radiographs quicker and more efficiently.

 The system consists of a 12-bit film scanner, CPU, LCD flat-panel monitor, keyboard, mouse, modem and the IOC FrameStore software that controls the scanner and transfers images to the PACS. The IOC-PACS-Appliance produces 12-bit images with no operator adjustments to the image required.

 IOC also unveiled its IOC-QuickView Key, which plugs directly into a personal computer's USB port and downloads medical images without installing any program or driver on the host hard drive.

 Housed in a miniature portable drive, the IOC QuickView Key uses IOC QuickView software to connect to the user's IOC image network database via the internet. The images are downloaded and stored onto the IOC QuickView Key and not on the hard drive of the host computer.