InSiteOne introduces storage for breast imaging
InSiteOne Inc. this week introduced its Index Breast Imaging Archive at the Interdisciplinary Breast Center Consortium in Las Vegas, Feb. 27 - March 2.
Index Breast Imaging Archive is a pay-as-you-go image storage service for breast imaging specialists. Archiving digital breast images poses a unique set of challenges, from large file size and lengthy storage requirements to demanding HIPAA regulations.
According to InSiteOne, the breast imaging archive offers: digitally verified image quality and lossless compression; immediate access to recent studies with on-site storage; long-term off-site storage at two mirrored data center locations for redundancy, disaster recovery and business continuance; support of electronic workflow and communication tools including pre-fetching; multi-modality storage and retrieval (digital mammography, CAD, stereotactic biopsy, breast ultrasound, MRI, nuclear and PET); permanent DVD storage; and optional secure Web distribution and viewing.