JHU's School of Nursing and Eclipsys partner for healthcare IT
The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and Eclipsys Corp. have formed a partnership that will increase the healthcare information technology (IT) competence of nursing graduates and design new ways of delivering safe and efficient healthcare utilizing IT.

Equipped with Eclipsys' IT systems and hardware, the School of Nursing will provide a forum to teach and demonstrate healthcare IT to faculty, students and staff.

According to Eclipsys, Hopkins nurse educators plan to use the partnership to develop and implement curriculum that incorporates new digital technologies. Hopkins nursing students will experience the use of clinical information systems in simulated healthcare situations. Eclipsys said graduate students and faculty will study the impact of the technology on the nursing workflow, efficiency and error prevention, and on the educational process itself.

Patricia Abbott, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI, stated, "We at Hopkins are acutely aware of how healthcare is changing. Our patients are sicker, there is an acute nursing shortage, and reports from the Institute of Medicine show that medical errors are far too common. IT is essential in our battle to address the critical issues of patient safety and quality of care."

"Hopkins nursing will serve as a proving ground for ideas as we continue to develop information technology tools to improve the way that nurses and other clinicians deliver patient care," said Eclipsys Chief Nursing Officer Jim Cato, RN, CRNA MSH, MSN. "The School of Nursing will provide a forum to teach and demonstrate healthcare information technology to faculty, students and staff and to drive forward the knowledge base."