Kodak releases portfolio of services to help improve operational efficiency
Eastman Kodak Co.'s Health Imaging Group this week launched Kodak Healthcare Solution Services, a new family within Kodak's Professional Services portfolio designed to optimize healthcare operations and applications.

The services can help analyze the benefits of a re-designed workflow, establish a plan to measure results, and deliver tools and processes to facilitate and accelerate the change, Kodak said. It is available in the United States and will be available worldwide in 2005.

Services include:
  • Benefit Assessment/Business Case - Kodak professionals work with a customer's team to estimate ROI for each project and to prepare a business case proposal for review by corporate executives.

  • Workflow Design - This service enables healthcare providers to assess current workflow and simulate proposed improvements.

  • Business Outcomes Measurement - Kodak professionals will provide customers with a tool to measure the effectiveness of operational processes, compare these processes to industry benchmarks, track quantifiable benefits and create a visual scorecard to document business results.

  • Change Management - Kodak professionals will facilitate and coach the organization through the change curve, identifying key personnel and tasks, and implementing tools and processes to facilitate the desired business outcome.

  • Client Project Management - Kodak managers will develop an overall plan to manage each project so that it delivers the expected results and is achieved within time and budget requirements.

  • Policy and Procedure Development - This service documents a facility's new policies and procedures so that it can maintain compliance with organization, regulatory and governmental rules. This service also includes the effective communication of new policies to all employees.