Eastman Kodak Co. demonstrated at SCAR a works-in-progress image review and management system for digital mammography. This mammography PACS works-in-progress will allow images from multiple modalities and multiple vendors to be reviewed, managed and stored. It will support images captured on full-field digital mammography (FFDM) systems, ultrasound and digital and computed radiography systems and include a diagnostic workstation customized for mammography workflow.

Fischer Imaging Corp. and Cedara Software Corp. showcased an integrated version of Cedara I-ReadMammo dedicated mammography workstation software with Fischer's SenoScan digital mammography scanning system.

Fischer will offer its customers the I-ReadMammo-based SenoView dedicated mammography softcopy workstation and the SenoView Plus, combining both the I-ReadMammo and I-SoftView Cedara software, for advanced applications and multi-modality image display and review. The combination allows radiologists to compare SenoScan digital images with other modality images, such as ultrasound, nuclear medicine and MRIs.

InSiteOne at SCAR launched its InDex services for digital mammography. InDex Mammography will provide storage options to accommodate large data sets of digital mammography studies; local access of up to three years of studies to support prior-study comparisons with current exams; volume-based pricing structures to accommodate the limited mammography reimbursements mammography centers face; and special considerations for mammography electronic image workflow and communication tools.

InSiteOne's DICOM storage options and related services will be available to InDex Mammography customers. The portfolio includes short-term, on-site storage on RAID and SAN, as well as secure off-site permanent archiving on DVD in two redundant data centers.