Medipattern releases upgraded breast ultrasound CAD software outside U.S.
The Medipattern Corp., a developer of computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) software applications for medical imaging, has released B-CAD 2.0, an expanded version of its B-CAD software for breast ultrasound.
B-CAD 2.0, which has not yet been FDA cleared for use in the U.S., is designed to assist radiologists in the analysis and reporting of lesions in breast ultrasound. In the next month, the software will be globally available throughout most of the world (Canada, Europe, South America, and parts of Asia) outside the U.S. as an integrated part of Cedara Software's I-ReadMammo Breast Imaging Suite.  
"B-CAD 2.0 did very well in studies we recently reported at the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine. The added features extracted in B-CAD 2.0 are the most frequently reported sonographic findings for solid breast nodules, making this release of the software a significant milestone in the product's evolution,” said A. Thomas Stavros, MD, of The Sally Jobe Breast Center in Greenwood Village, Colo. “For most radiologists, it is not a problem to find the lesion and correctly classify it once they see all the features, but reporting their findings correctly and consistently is a major target for improvement. B-CAD can aid a radiologist in identifying the features that may help correctly classify the lesion and also addresses reporting consistency, which is the goal of the ACR BI-RADS lexicon for breast ultrasound."
Configured to reduce the time required by a radiologist to analyze and report findings from breast ultrasound images, B-CAD provides tools for automatic image analysis, segmentation, and classification. To address health-system-wide needs for consistent reporting practices, B-CAD provides a standardized reporting structure, as defined by the ACR BI-RADS Ultrasound Lexicon Classification Form. Other highlights include:
  • ∑ An increase to 14 of the number of breast ultrasound features automatically detected by B-CAD; and
  • ∑ New Voice-to-Text enables quick analysis and automated reporting of breast ultrasound images;
"B-CAD was designed specifically to be easily integrated into existing applications and workflows so that we can leverage the technology already in place at breast imaging facilities,” said Jeff Collins, CEO, Medipattern. “We will be testing an integrated version of B-CAD in an OEM machine in the coming months as the first of many planned OEM partnerships, while end-user sales are expected to begin in early summer."

Medipattern expects B-CAD to be available in markets other than the U.S. through Cedara Software to OEM organizations interested in expanding their capabilities in breast imaging, and through Merge Healthcare and Kodak Healthcare to end users.