Medweb showcases radiologist dashboard
Medweb was at the American Healthcare Radiology Administrator's meeting in Boston this week highlighting its Radiologist Dashboard, an application that provides live, real-time access of patient cases to radiologists between multiple facilities and is an option to Medweb's flagship All-In-One Server.

According to Medweb, the Radiologist Dashboard allows radiologists to track and read patient cases from one or multiple facilities using a regular PC over the Internet or wide area networks (WAN).

To coordinate the workflow of multiple radiologists, Medweb said each user has a list of unread patient cases waiting. As the radiologist selects a study to be read, he or she can then check it off, eliminating it from the "to do" list on the other radiologists' screens.

The workflow and routine engine is equipped with integrated dictation, statistics, STAT functions, reporting and image routing based on contract number, state licensure, modality or body part. Both encrypted Instant Messaging and video conferencing are available to use within the Radiologist Dashboard, allowing remote radiologists to communicate with other online radiologists or doctors.