NEC debuts new name and new products
SCAR 2005 is the first exhibit for NEC Display Solutions of America, formerly NEC-Mitsubishi, after ending its long-term partnership with Japan-based NEC Corp. NEC used the show to introduce two accessory products for its MD series of LCD displays. They include SentryDX, a remote DICOM and conformance sensor, and a new removable protection shield for damage prevention.
Used for automated sensor measurements, calibrations and reporting on NEC MD series LCD displays, SentryDX sensor can monitor brightness and ambient lighting remotely. It also is capable of checking for DICOM conformance and measuring whitepoint to ensure performance uniformity from display to display. SentryDX also can be used on non-MD series displays.
NEC's new lightweight protective shield helps protect the screen surface of MD series LCD monitors from the damage that fingers, pointers and pens can cause during diagnostic use. The device can be easily attached and removed, as well as cleaned on both sides for clarity maintenance.
In addition to the new MD series products on display at SCAR, NEC is previewing a 2MP 21-inch LED backlit color LCD display and a 3MP 21-inch color LCD display for the medical diagnostic market. Catching meeting-goers attention is a 46-inch LCD NEC LCD 4610) monitor on display, which according to Todd Fender, specialty marketing product line manager, is available now and costs approximately $9,000. NEC also offers a 40-inch LCD and will release a 32-inch flat panel display in July (which costs around $2,000).