NetApp debuts new 'all-in-one' storage for SMBs

Network Appliance Inc. (NetApp) on Monday unveiled its new network storage StoreVault S500, which has been developed for small and medium businesses (SMB). The StoreVault S500 is a scalable ‘all-in-one’ network storage appliance that supports NAS, iSCSI SAN, and Fibre Channel (FC) SAN, providing SMB customers flexibility storage, the company said

StoreVault – which is a NetApp division – is partnering with the following companies to bring the S500 to market:

  • Microsoft Corporation – The StoreVault S500 is  listed in the Windows Server Catalog and is supported by Microsoft as a  storage array. The StoreVault S500 is also Microsoft SimpleSAN and designated  as a component storage array;  
  • QLogic Corporation – A partnership to bring  simplicity to Fibre Channel SAN with the StoreVault FC Starter Kit, enabling  StoreVault customers to start with NAS or iSCSI SAN and scale to Fibre Channel  as their needs evolve, without buying a separate network storage system. The  StoreVault FC Starter Kit is expected to be available in fall 2006;  and 
  • Silverback Systems – For increased performance on  the host server, StoreVault is offering the Silverback Systems iSNAP2110 iSCSI  HBA, an initiator card based on Silverback's patented iSNAP acceleration  technology that offloads servers from handling iSCSI and TCP/IP protocols for  fast application performance in iSCSI SAN environments.