Only 51% of men in UK have access to prostate cancer MRI

A recent investigation by  Prostate Cancer U.K. has found half of men have been denied MRI scans to detect prostate cancer, according to a recent report by the Daily Mail.

Prostate Cancer U.K. described their findings to be "appalling," because MRIs can detect up to 93 percent of malignant tumors. The investigation also found that some hospitals refused to offer MRI scans to men over the age of 75. 

"This groundbreaking diagnostic tool is the biggest leap forward in prostate cancer diagnosis for decades and it is therefore appalling that health officials in some areas are still not seeing this as a priority," Heather Blake, director of support and influencing at Prostate Cancer U.K. told the Daily Mail. "Widespread variation in the level and quality of access continues to persist, with men in parts of Wales, Northern Ireland and [the northwest U.K.] being let down with no access whatsoever. Every man with suspected prostate cancer deserves the chance of a more accurate diagnosis."

For its investigation, Prostate Cancer U.K. acquired responses from 151 of 161 NHS (National Health Service) hospitals and health boards responsible for cancer diagnosis, according to the article. 

"The NHS has taken huge strides in rolling out access to multiparametric MRI scans," an NHS England spokesman told the Daily Mail. "The NHS is well on the way to ensuring all men with suspected prostate cancer have access."