Philips augments diagnostic imaging capabilities at Ohio hospital
A new, multi-year agreement between Marietta Memorial Hospital of Marietta, Ohio and Philips Medical Systems will outfit the healthcare facility with Philips' diagnostic imaging equipment, software and services.

Marietta and Philips have already worked together for more then ten years. In 1993, Philips outfitted Marietta's Cancer Center with equipment and technologies.

Philips installed equipment includes: Integris Allura 15-inch Monoplane System, a cardiovascular X-ray system utilized for mixed cardiac and vascular applications; BuckyDiagnost TH, a general X-ray machine with a large range of movement for precise scan positioning and shorter examination time; EasyDiagnost, a multi-purpose radiography and fluoroscopy system; and AcQSim CT Scanner, a CT scanner designed for radiation therapy planning for cancer patients.