Planar highlights 4 MP color display
Planar Systems Inc. showed the first medically certified 4-megapixel color display with FDA 510(k) clearance. The Dome E4c, part of Planar’s recently introduced Dome EX line, is a widescreen display that can increase efficiency and productivity in radiology, cardiology, nuclear medicine, PET/CT, dermatology and in the operating room. New features, such as the 16:9 display format, offer significantly more screen space and the ability to show 15 full size 512 x 512 images on one screen. The Dome E4c supports an open architecture design which allows users to gain access to state-of-the-art graphics standards, such as OpenGL and DirectX, providing the capability of 2-D color imaging, image fusion, high-speed 3-D and volumetric rendering for navigation and visualization functionality. In addition, the open architecture support enables faster display performance and seamless integration of future standard enhancements. The Dome E4c differs from commercially available displays in that it has a palette of 1786 shades of gray, compared with a standard commercial display palette of 256 shades of gray, allowing for the best image representation available on a color display.

Planar also will be offering the Dome E4c on a mobile cart later this year.