RADinfo rolls out orthopedic templating system
RADinfo SYSTEMS Inc. last week introduced a new orthopedic templating software application called PowerPACS e-Templating. The system is designed to enable orthopedists to streamline pre-operative planning with the use of more accurate and reliable tools. Key features of the system include:
  • An intuitive  interface;  
  • Integrates with any  DICOM-compliant PACS, including the ability to save templated images to your  facility's PACS, when complete;  
  • A large template library from  major and specialty manufacturers;  
  •  Improved quality of  measurements and increased confidence in making assessments;  
  • More view options including  zooming, panning and multiple window layouts;  
  • The ability to easily adjust  image contrast, brightness, edge enhancement, inversion and rotation;  and  
  • What the company describes as  a unique toolsets enable a wide range of digital measurements to be carried  out.