RemedyMD provides EHR for researchers
RemedyMD, a provider of web-based decision support tools for clinicians, this week announced ResearchEHR at HIMSS 2006 in San Diego. The systems is a specialty, condition, and disease specific software application that dramatically improves the productivity of medical researchers, able to aggregate clinical and research findings in the same database, the company said.

Specifically designed for medical researchers within large healthcare institutions, teaching hospitals, or research-focused hospitals, ResearchEHR, the system is designed to reduce the time between research discoveries in the labs and delivering those breakthroughs at the point of patient care.

Using ResearchEHR, specialty or disease-specific studies can be setup quickly with its flexible customization tools. For example, a research group focused on chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) can quickly create their own COPD specific application that tracks only the fields that are specific to this condition. The product also includes the ability to track heredity and compare genomic data for diseases that have known or possible genetic markers. ResearchEHR is integrated with MyHealthManager, a patient portal available from RemedyMD.

The purpose of collecting and aggregating clinical, research, and patient data is to expose patterns not previously identified.

"ResearchEHR replaces myriad databases and 'home grown' applications that exist in large research institutions. Since it's already specific to each specialty or disease, there's never a need for a researcher to create their own database," said Gary D. Kennedy, President and CEO, RemedyMD. "In addition our solution aggregates clinical information from point of care systems with data collected by medical researchers in order to guide their research toward the most promising areas."