Siemens to boost ultrasound transducer technology via Sensant Corp. purchase
Siemens Medical Solutions Ultrasound Division announced today that it has inked an agreement to acquire Sensant Corp. of San Leandro, Calif. The amount of the acquisition was not disclosed.

Siemens' objective in this acquisition is to develop advanced Capacitive Microfabricated Ultrasound Transducer (CMUT) technology, and commercialize next-generation transducers based on this technology.

 The new CMUT technology is expected to offer efficient volumetric four dimensional (4D) imaging for a wide range of applications; improved manufacturing processes; a broader frequency range and higher image resolution, allowing clinicians to examine the next level of microscopic detail within conventional and 4D ultrasound images.

Siemens plans to integrate this transducer technology into its complete suite of ultrasound imaging systems. The company said it expects the technology to be commercially available within two to three years.