Siemens gets FDA approval for Magentom C!
Siemens Medical Solutions has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance for Magnetom C!, a 0.35-tesla C-shaped MRI system that employs a compact magnet with a pole diameter of 54 inches. The multi-channel application suite is available for neurological, orthopedic, angiography, body, oncology, cardiac and pediatric applications.

MAGNETOM C! features multi-channel imaging which allows simultaneous placement of up to four coils. The system provides optimal signal-to-noise ratio available at 0.35 Tesla. MAGNETOM C! offers enhanced gradients for rapid acquisition and highly differentiated image details, and iso-center imaging assures high image quality for all anatomical areas.

The MAGNETOM C! comes equipped with workflow support through syngo, Siemens standard user interface, which integrates all patient information, as well as Siemens' Phoenix technique to exchange protocol data. In addition to the software components, the system also features a complete range of multi-channel coils, and a sophisticated multi-channel RF and gradient system.

Advanced techniques for the MAGNETOM C! include 2D PACE (prospective motion corrEction) high-field technology for free breathing abdominal studies without artifacts, inline technology for processing instead of post-processing, and iPAT (integrated parallel acquisition technology) functionality for high spatial and temporal resolution.