Siemens to open new medical division in Taiwan
Siemens this week announced that it has established a new medical division in Taiwan to be called Siemens Limited Taiwan Medical Solutions. The division will be focused on bringing the latest medical imaging technology to what the company believes is among the global healthcare markets with the greatest potential for growth.
The company stated at a media event announcing the plan that it will work through partnerships with Taiwan’s government, researchers, and local customers to help boost healthcare standards in the country.

According to Siemens, the division intends to help in elevating Taiwan's healthcare industry standards through partnerships with local customers, government agencies and research institutes to establish greater cooperation and carry out joint research and educational training.
Siemens has been a presence in the Taiwan medical market for some years and has offered medical imaging, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy technologies. In the first year, Siemens plans to invest as much as $3.13 million on new facilities, equipment, recruitment and training in the first year. The company is very optimistic that it can obtain a 30 to 35 percent share of the market within three years.