Siemens partners with Karl Storz on integrated OR system
Siemens Medical Solutions will join efforts with Karl Storz Endoscopy-America Inc. to develop technologies for integrating operating room (OR) imaging and information systems into a workflow oriented platform that provides collection and access to data.

 Plans for initial development include bundling Karl Storz's OR1 system with Siemens's syngoOR. OR1 offers equipment management and control throughout the OR, including networking of endoscopic and surgical components, integration of peripherals and interfacing of image and video communication.

 The syngoOR brings IT capabilities to the OR by enabling a continuous flow of information between different medical imaging, modalities and systems.

 The end result - a syngoOR software platform that provides clinicians with access to data of any type in the OR, from diagnosis, therapy planning and surgical procedures, and to enlarge storage capacities.

 The system capabilities will include integrating imaging and information systems with hospital networks, and ultimately will encompass collaborative evolution of networked PACS, RIS, HIS and electronic medical records.

 "Surgical teams want documentation generated during both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to be able to be attached to the patient's record and to follow that patient through the entire process. Although such capabilities exist to some extent today, they remain limited in the OR," said Harry Getz, marketing manager, OR-1, Karl Storz.