Siemens' service organization reveals Guardian Program
The service organization of Siemens Medical Solutions recently released the Guardian Program for angiography and invasive cardiology technologies that ensures the continuous uptime of medical systems.

According to Siemens, the program offers remote monitoring, a guaranteed timeframe for system maintenance, guaranteed key components availability, access to technical experts and a guarantee of 99 percent system uptime.

The Guardian Program enables a customer service engineer to consult remotely with a customer within minutes of noticing a possible malfunction since systems are monitored in real time. Siemens said the program constantly runs diagnostics to check the parameters of the systems, allowing engineers to prevent and repair malfunctions before they cause downtime.

External monitoring of the hospital's technologies is only accessible with specific service codes provided by the hospital, making the program compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Currently offered for a select variety of cardiac and angiography systems, Siemens said the Guardian program is now also available for all Axiom Artis systems, and connects through syngo, Siemens standard user interface.