Stentor adds to PACS functionalities
Stentor is featured the newest version of its iSite PACS at SCAR this week, along with various clinical applications that can be integrated with the digital image management system using Stentor's API.
In addition to support for full field digital mammography (FFDM) studies, improvements to Stentor's iSite PACS include: remote reading, caching or exams for teleradiology, exam memos for improved collaboration between physicians, image processing filters to aid physician interpretation and diagnosis and image navigation, updated key image tools and a CD manager for image distribution management.
Stentor is highlighting its Platform program that includes a core API to support technologies; enabling third-party applications to work within the iSite PACS environment. At SCAR, selected clinical application partners showcasing iSite Platform combinations included:
  • Voxar - 3D visualization and image analysis
  • Mimvista - multi-modality fusion
  • PACSgear - document and film scanning
  • Vital Images - 3D/4D workstations
  • OrthoView - orthopedic templating