TeraRecon: Its the beginning of the end for dedicated diagnostic advanced visualization workstation
TeraRecon Inc. featured at RSNA 2006 the new iNtuition platform for its Aquarius product line that is designed to deliver on an enterprise-wide level of advanced image management of volumetric imaging data from modalities such as MDCT, MR or PET.

According to TeraRecon, iNtuition is designed to deliver integration of advanced imaging workflow into the healthcare enterprise, and features an improved and more powerful central rendering resource in the form of the VolumePro 2000, based on the company’s Falcon chipset. The new platform architecture forms the backbone for future releases of the company’s Aquarius product line, and provides radiologists, technologists, and referring physicians improved throughput and a customizable workflow that can be tailored to individual reading and reporting needs, the company said.

TeraRecon demonstrated at RSNA 2006 the iNtuition workflow of “Automate, Validate and Read,” designed to minimize the manual interaction required to bring a volumetric examination to the point where a physician can make a definitive diagnostic or therapy planning decision. The first step, “Automate” involves automatic pre-processing of newly acquired examinations using TeraRecon’s AquariusAPS offline processing server.

The system allows automation of common tasks like bone removal from CTA examinations, with results automatically delivered to the AquariusNET Server and/or Aquarius Workstation. If desired, a technologist can then “Validate” the automated results, to perform quality control and additional editing if required, using the Aquarius Workstation or AquariusNET Thin Client as appropriate. The validated result is then also delivered to the diagnostic workstation (either the Aquarius Workstation or an AquariusNET Thin Client operating alongside a PACS viewer), where their physician can directly open the preprocessed study and move immediately to the diagnostic “Read”. Similarly, the referring physician can access scans that are packaged in a form that shows them exactly what they need to see, in an interactive form.

Also at the show, TeraRecon highlighted Version 4.0 of the Aquarius Workstation that is planned for release March 2007. Future development of advanced applications on the Aquarius Workstation will also be performed using the iNtuition architecture, leading in time to a fully client-server advanced image management station, which can be configured to meet the specific user interface needs of each clinical specialty.