Varian, BrainLAB showcase Novalis Tx
Varian Medical Systems and BrainLAB joined together at the annual Radiologic Society of North America convention last month in Chicago to display Novalis Tx, which integrates successful radiosurgery technologies from both companies for imaging, treatment planning and treatment delivery.

Novalis Tx integrates Varian’s Trilogy Tx linear accelerator and new HD120 multi-leaf collimator offering 2.5 mm leaves for finer beam shaping. This ultra-precise radiosurgical instrument will use a variety of standard and configurable options including Varian’s On-board Imager device, the BrainLAB ExacTrac X-Ray 6D room mounted x-ray imaging system, BrainLAB iPlan treatment planning software as well as Varian’s Eclipse treatment planning and ARIA information management software.

The Novalis Tx offers the widest range of treatment options for the largest number of indications, including malignant and benign lesions, brain metastases, arteriovascular malformations and functional lesions. It features the highest dose delivery rates in the industry, dynamic beam shaping, and frameless patient positioning for more rapid, effective and comfortable treatments. 

Unlike other radiosurgical devices that are limited to a 6 million electron volt (MEV) energy level, the Novalis Tx allows multiple beam energies from 6 to 20 MEV for treating deep-seated tumors and sparing surrounding healthy tissue more effectively. Clinics should be able to treat twice the number of patients per day than with any other radiosurgery system on the market, according to Varian and BrainLAB.

The Novalis Tx offers the most comprehensive image guidance system available, including Varian’s machine-mounted 3D CT scanner with 2D radiographic and fluoroscopic imaging capability as well as the BrainLAB room-mounted x-ray imaging system for real-time imaging and motion management. Coupled with the BrainLAB 6D robotic couch, this system offers an extremely fast and accurate solution for setting up and verifying proper patient position during treatment.