Vertilon new data acquisition system targets PET, SPECT
Vertilon has begun shipping its PhotoniQ IQSP582 64-channel, data acquisition system, designed for medical imaging and particle detection applications, such as PET, SPECT and high-energy particle physics.

The Westford, Mass.-based company said its IQSP582 interfaces to multi-element optical sensors like multianode photomultiplier tubes, avalanche photodiode arrays and silicon photomultipliers.

Using one of several user-selectable trigger modes, the company said that event data from the input sensor is acquired simultaneously across all 64 channels by the unit where it is then digitized, processed and packetized for transmission to a PC over a USB port. The PhotoniQ IQSP582 can be operated at trigger rates up to 250 KHz and has an input dynamic range of 84 dB when using typical PET or SPECT multianode photomultiplier tubes, such as the Hamamatsu H7546B or H8500D.