Young doctor followed her muses to radiology

A new radiologist gets a nice writeup in a contributor section at the Huffington Post. Kimberly Isakov, MD, recently graduated Yale Medical School and is headed for residency at an undisclosed provider organization in New York City.

“When she started medical school, Kim approached all of the medical specialties with an open mind, and studied each one in depth,” the contributor reports. “After spending time in the radiology department at Yale, she was impressed by the radiologists’ vast knowledge of medicine. They were curious about all areas of the human body, and used their broad knowledge base to diagnose diseases from head to toe.”

Isakov was also “fascinated by the aesthetic nature of the field,” according to the writer, Svetlana Dotsenko, who is CEO of an educational initiative called Project Lever. “The diagnostic imaging videos and x-rays reminded her of her favorite black and white movies and photographs.”

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