Whistleblower radiologist fired by the VA tells his story

A radiologist who worked at a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facility in Illinois and was fired after reporting serious problems among his peers is speaking out.

Louis Anthony Leskosky, MD, tells investigative reporter Malia Zimmerman of Fox News that some VA radiologists were rushing their reads in order to boost their pay. Clear and preventable negligence inevitably followed, the rush jobs continued, and veterans with serious conditions went untreated.

“Instead of correcting the problem or terminating the radiologists who were missing these cancers, missing these really horrible diagnoses and making the veterans suffer to a degree that is unimaginable, and shortening their lifespan to an incredible extent, I was terminated on June 24,” Leskosky tells Zimmerman.

He says his firing followed his blowing the whistle to the White House Office of Special Counsel, the VA Office of Inspector General, the VA Office of the Medical Inspector, three U.S. senators and two representatives.

The Marion VA is now under investigation by three federal agencies, Zimmerman reports.

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