NVIDIA, King’s College London partner to improve NHS radiology services

King’s College London announced a partnership with technology giant NVIDIA to use its artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to improve radiology and pathological care for patients in the U.K.’s National Healthcare System (NHS), according to a NVIDIA report.

The pair will employ researchers and engineers with clinicians from NHS-operated hospitals to improve the discovery of data strategies, targeted AI problems and take their findings into clinics.

Harnessing NVIDIA’s DGX-2 servers to enhance medical imaging tools for the eight million patients served by the NHS will be the pair's first undertaking.

“This is a huge opportunity to transform patient outcomes by applying the extraordinary capabilities of AI to ultimately make diagnoses earlier and more accurately than in the past,” said Sebastien Ourselin, head of the School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences at KCL, in the story. “This partnership will combine our expertise in medical imaging and health records with NVIDIA’s technology to improve patient care across the U.K.”

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