Hacker group aims at MRI, x-ray devices as part of corporate espionage operation

An on the rise group of cyber hackers has been targeting and installing malware into x-rays, MRIs, and other medical machines in the U.S. and around the world, as reported Thursday from the cyber security software company Symantec.  

According to an April 23 article in Forbes, the hacker group, known as "Orangeworm," has been active since 2015 and is targeting American healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations, as well as those in Asia and Europe. Also on Orangeworm's hit list: IT companies and equipment manufacturers that work for healthcare organizations. 

Symantec believes that the group is tapping into the computers of imaging machines to learn more about them as part of an "ongoing corporate espionage operation." Once Orangeworm's malware, called Kwampirs, is introduced into a computer, the group can extend the malware's ability by downloading modules and performing additional modules in memory.  

"Due to the fact that the attacks attempted to keep infections active for long periods of time on these devices, it's more likely the group are interested in learning how these devices operate. We have not collected any evidence to suggest the attackers have planned to perform any sabotage type activities at this time," Symantec researcher Alan Neville told Forbes. 

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