MSU tabs Harvard radiology professor to lead precision health initiative

Previously a professor of radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Anna Moore, PhD, has been named director of Michigan State University (MSU)'s Precision Health Program and assistant dean of the college of human medicine.

According to a May 1 university release, Moore's goal is to develop preventative medicine through genetic screening to assess disease risk in patients, creating earlier, more cost-effective treatment. 

“As diseases develop, the costs increase dramatically and the treatment options are more limited,” Moore said in a prepared statement. “Therefore, we will develop tools and technologies that will be used to detect disease early, allowing for more effective options that are less costly.  

Her research has involved cancer imaging and image-guided therapy, which has advanced the emerging field of theranostics that combines diagnostics and therapies. 

“MSU’s two medical colleges, coupled with the College of Veterinary Medicine and the College of Nursing, creates rare collaborative opportunities to push the envelope of discovery in precision health,” Moore said in a prepared statement. “Great resources combined with enthusiasm and support from administration is why I came to MSU and the fact that Cisplatin, the most prescribed therapy for treating cancer in the U.S., was invented at MSU, compels me to continue this tradition of research excellence.”