Australian hospital’s radiology trainee department fails accreditation after 25 years with 'A' rating

A hospital’s radiology department in Australia failed its accreditation report noting a negative environment as a main factor, ending a 25-year run with an “A” rating, according to ABC News.

Canberra Hospital failed to meet 28 of the 32 criteria needed to continue training radiologists, according to documents obtained by ABC, leading to a “D” rating—the lowest available.

Among the issues cited in the report were a lack of education before trainees performed on-call work, ongoing staffing issues and a “poor working relationship” between senior staff, ABC reported.

“These issues are having a significant impact on the well-being of trainees,” the report read.

There were 16 recommendations put forth by the report, seven of which must be completed in three months and another seven within six months.

Jeff Fletcher, chief medical officer of ACT Health, which oversees operations of Canberra, said while that institution’s radiology department represents only 14 trainees of the 310 across ACT, he accepts the recommendations, and has started to address them, according to ABC.

"Once we have the final report then I believe we will meet all those three and six-month recommendations ahead of time and I'm very, very committed, and very confident that we will achieve that," he said.

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