Radiologic technologist survives COVID-19, returns home after one month in a coma

“I’m going home, I’m going home. Tell the world I’m going home.”

That’s what Shirletta Sanders, a radiologic technologist with Schryver Medical Inc. in Tucson, Arizona, said Wednesday after surviving a deadly combination of COVID-19 and pneumonia that forced her into a month-long coma, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Sanders left Cornerstone Hospital on Feb. 10 after she was admitted to the Tucson institution back in December, according to reporting from Fox affiliate KOLD News 13.

Sanders said her situation was “terrifying,” but her past work helping thousands of others survive the pandemic pushed her to get through her own ordeal. And she encouraged others to try and follow her example.

“I could not do anything on my own. Now I can walk, I’m talking and I’m moving my hands. You can make it you just have to have the will,” Sanders told the news outlet.

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