Kodak provides systems for Olympics, football team
Kodak's Health Group has announced that a number of its systems will be used next month in Torino, Italy, to provide digital medical imaging to on-site healthcare professionals diagnose athletic injuries and other health concerns during the 2006 Olympic Winter Games.

The following medical and dental imaging and information systems will be present at the Games, including: a Kodak Directview DR 9000 System, Directview CR 975 System, and two CR 850 systems; a Carestream RIS and PACS; Dryview Laser Imaging Systems; and remote archiving of patient data and medical images in the Secure Data Center of Albacom in Milano, Italy to securely safeguard patient information.

Also, a staff of 16 dentists and 12 assistants will use KODAK digital imaging equipment and film and for intraoral and extraoral dental exams, the company said.

Continuing the sport realm, Dolphins Stadium in Miami has installed a new KODAK digital x-ray capture system that processes high-resolution medical images in less than one minute.