Ohio university cancels radiology program, forcing students to look elsewhere

The University of Akron in Ohio will eliminate 80 programs over the next few years, including radiology—leaving students out of luck. Kent State Salem in Ohio believes students will flock to its program as a result, Kentwired.com reported.

A day after the announced cancellations, Jan Gibson, Salem’s radiologic technology program director received calls from seven concerned students and parents. While prerequisites at Akron did not meet those for Salem’s program, Gibson was able to help those students out.

Kent State Salem, a 46-mile drive from the University of Akron, according to Google Maps, has two degree programs. One of which is a bachelor’s degree in radiologic and imaging sciences which is nationally accredited.

To improve his program, Gibson has reached out to the clinical sites associated with Akron’s radiology program to try and obtain them for Salem.

“It would definitely open the door for more students," Gibson said. He is optimistic about becoming partners, he added.

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