Siemens installs 1st 40-slice CT scanner
Siemens has announced the first installation of its SOMATOM Sensation 40 computed tomography (CT) scanner within the radiology department of Alamance Regional Medical Center (ARMC) located in Burlington, N.C. The scanner features the company's z-Sharp technology, which enables the acquisition of 40 slices per rotation with increased image quality and isotropic resolution of below 0.4 millimeter voxel size in clinical routine. The new system replaces the clinic's SOMATOM Sensation 10, according to Siemens.

Siemens z-Sharp technology creates two alternating and overlapping x-ray projections reaching each detector element which doubles the available scan information without an increase in dosage for a patient.
The SOMATOM Sensation 40 combines Speed4D Technology and a rotation speed of 0.37 seconds to offer the highest spatial resolution and scan speed possible. The scanner also is capable of being upgraded on-site to a 64-slice system, Siemens said.