Toshiba gains 64-slice install at Las Vegas imaging center
Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. today announced the completion of its Aquilion 64 CFX CT installation, configured for cardiac applications, at the Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging Center (SDMI) in Las Vegas.

SDMI is Nevada's largest diagnostic imaging center, and one of the busiest in the country.

"The new cardiac CT scanner has the potential to change the practice of cardiovascular medicine with its outstanding image quality, acquisition speed and advanced cardiac applications," said Mark Winkler, M.D., director of advanced imaging, SDMI.  "With this installation, we are now equipped to deliver the latest noninvasive care to our patients. The Aquilion's rapid temporal resolution enables our physicians to obtain motion-free images of the heart and coronary arteries more quickly, which translates to more accurate and comfortable exams for our patients."

The Aquilion 64 CFX features Quantum 64 multi-row detector design. It acquires 64 simultaneous image slices through an advanced 64-row data acquisition system (DAS) at a 400-millisecond gantry revolution. It also offers low contrast resolution at 2 mm and isotropic voxel size of 0.35 mm.