Infrared light instrument, x-ray imaging may improve optical mammography

A newly developed imaging instrument which may improve the sensitivity of optical mammography will be shown by Italian researchers at the OSA Biophotonics Congress: Biomedical Optics meeting this April in Hollywood, Florida, according to a press release from the Optical Society.  

Optical imaging is ideal in conjunction with x-rays to diagnose or monitor areas of the body that should avoid high exposure to ionizing radiation while providing efficient and accurate information and potential for use in pre-surgical chemotherapy.  

“This technique (optical mammography) is able to provide information on the outcome of chemotherapy just weeks after beginning treatment, or possibly even sooner," said co-author Edoardo Ferocino, PhD, from the Polytechnic University of Milan in Milan, Italy, according to a prepared statement.  

The new instrument will increase the sensitivity of optical mammography by as much as 1,000-fold, according to the press release, and can measure blood volume, oxygenation or collagen content in areas suspicious of breast cancer initially indicated by an x-ray exam. According to the release, the instrument replaces two photomultiplier tubes of existing instruments with an eight-channel probe containing silicon photomultipliers and a multichannel time-to-digital converter.

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