Mammosphere network chosen to help lead WISDOM breast cancer study

The Athena Breast Health Network selected Mammosphere to provide network management of medical images and clinical information needed to perform the Women Informed to Screen Depending on Measures of risk (WISDOM) study, according to a March 5 release.

Mammosphere’s digital platform, owned by medical information network lifeIMAGE, allows clinical information criteria including breast health records to be digitally obtained with maximum diagnostic quality and easily shared between physicians, researchers and patients.

More than 100,000 women across the U.S. will be selected to compare the effectiveness of an individualized screening protocol based on personal risks, such as genetic makeup and family history to annual breast cancer screenings.

The study also aims to individually tailor mammogram frequency to lower healthcare costs, reduce radiation exposure and decrease false positive results for patients, the release notes.

“What we need is better evidence generation and modern approaches to incorporating risk assessment into screening. Think of it like TSA pre-check; everyone who has pre-check loves it. You can tailor the amount of screening you do based on the risk you pose. It’s a good concept to apply in cancer screening,” wrote lead author Laura Esserman, MD, founder of the Athena Breast Health Network, in the release.

“We are using Mammosphere because it enables us to efficiently acquire the information we need to perform the WISDOM Study and leverages the leading technology and growing network offered by lifeIMAGE. Beyond our study’s goals but in line with its values, Mammosphere empowers women by giving them control of their own health information and can make screening more efficient for providers,” she added.