Michigan woman opens non-medical prenatal ultrasound business

A woman in Traverse City, Michigan, recently opened Precious Moments HD Ultrasound Studio, an elective ultrasound business that sells non-diagnostic images to expectant mothers, according to a July 11 article by the Record Eagle.  

Currently expecting her fourth child, 30-year-old Jessica Thorne opened the city's first non-medical ultrasound studio that allows families to sit in a room and see projected ultrasound images of the unborn baby. 

Imaging sessions last from 10 to 20 minutes and cost between $65 and $155. Clients must sign a waiver stating they are receiving proper prenatal care for their unborn child, according to the article. 

"[Families] can just enjoy bonding time with their baby," Thorne told the Record Eagle, explaining that she tells her clients the service does not substitute a medical ultrasound.

The practice of non-medical ultrasound or "entertainment ultrasound" is not approved by the FDA and is strongly discouraged by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine because of risks associated with prenatal development and care, according to the article. 

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