SIR said that this is its first official clinical practice guidelines, developed using best practice methodologies from the National Academy of Medicine.

Along with conventional equipment such as aprons, collars, shields and caps, reusable pads should be commonplace for these medical staffers, experts wrote recently.

The Society of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging recently released its updated guidance on the topic.

Charges were first brought against Guy Caley in July when it was discovered he recorded five employees using a small camera facing a toilet in a unisex bathroom.

Plus, RANZCR names a new interim CEO, Teleradiology provider NucleasHealth announces restructuring, and more.

Doctors from the University of Arkansas set out to discover why some undergraduates stick with imaging while others join the field later or abandon it completely.

Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas, said the images themselves are not viewable without special software, but related information may be at risk.

Osteopathic rads also said they were more likely to be steered away from imaging because of their degree choice, according to survey results published in Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology.

Authors of a recent letter to the editor in Academic Radiology shared their own success with a pilot webinar program geared toward young professionals. 

“They were fighting to do the job well, even though the conditions had become rough,” Lizzy Rainey, with Franciscan Health in Lafayette, Indiana, said Friday.

Patients with developmental difficulties are more likely to undergo a CT scan—rather than ultrasound—compared to those without cognition issues, researchers reported.

Specialists should key in on high imaging utilization, location and imaging patterns specific to intimate partner violence, trauma experts explained in Radiology.