An increasing number of artificial intelligence firms are tweaking existing platforms or creating new models to help clinicians handle the growing pandemic.

The annual conference will run May 16-19 and focus on governance, the college announced Wednesday.

Experts from West China Hospital explained the reconfiguration of their unit, standardized exam procedures and communication priorities in a study published Tuesday.

Chest imaging experts at the center of the U.K.'s COVID-19 outbreak shared their early learnings in a new BMJ opinion piece.

The Hudson County, New Jersey, individual used local auto body shop employees and healthcare providers in a cash-for-referrals plot, which led to an estimated $3.5 million in total losses.

The American Roentgen Ray Society, Society of Breast Imaging and Radiology Business Management Association are among the latest groups forced to make the tough decision on upcoming gatherings.

The drop bucks a nearly quarter-century-long trend in rising radiation dosage, dating back to 1980, researchers wrote Tuesday in Radiology.

The editorial board of Radiology has established a team of imaging experts who are actively coordinating, developing and implementing readiness policies for COVID-19.

A group of four U.K.-based thoracic radiologists analyzed the pros and cons of ramping up computed tomography imaging amid the recent pandemic, editorializing their thoughts in the BMJ.

Imaging findings vary according to an individual's COVID-19 disease state, researchers reported recently, which can help clinicians develop effective treatment strategies.

The group said its decision is based on recommendations from state, federal and global health organizations. SIR 2020 was set to begin March 28 in Seattle.

Various U.K. radiologic societies declared contact shielding offers "minimal or no benefit," encouraging the field to focus on other areas of radiation protection instead.