Practice Management

Noted Indiana University radiologist and contributing writer for The Atlantic Richard B. Gunderman, MD, PhD, shared his thoughts in a new Academic Radiology piece.

Researchers used magnetic resonance imaging, detailed dietary surveys, and cognitive assessments for their findings, shared May 5 in Neurology.

Such scenarios are relatively common, with about 44,000 occurring each year, experts noted in a new report.

Omayr K. Niazi, 41, holds a pharmacy technician license and is being charged with aggravated battery, forgery and wire fraud.

What's more, almost half of academic rads said the stress is impacting their sleep quality, according to results of a wellness survey published Wednesday.

Additionally, after a provider moved away from an independently owned practice, patients' probability of an MRI referral overall jumped by 31%.

Also, Canon fills out its management team and imaging societies hand out high honors.

Peta Hickey, 43, was referred for an exam in 2019 as part of her company's corporate heart check program.

Stanford radiologists detailed their 52in52 initiative in the American Journal of Roentgenology.

Shortening observation times after transthoracic biopsies and eliminating follow-up chest X-rays are both appropriate for many low-risk patients.

That’s according to a new study of traditional and open-access business models spanning radiology-focused journals, shared in Clinical Imaging.

ARRS announced other newly elected leaders this weekend during its virtual annual meeting, including president-elect, vice president and secretary-treasurer.