‘Stuck in limbo’: Patients of doctor with now-suspended license want answers about misread mammograms

A patient has “major concerns” after discovering the Virginia Board of Medicine has suspended her doctor’s license over misread mammograms, Richmond 6 News reports.

In a 61-page document issued May 20, the state board described Michael Bigg as “incompetent to practice medicine and surgery.” The owner of the since-closed Allison Breast Center in Richmond is said to have misread 18 mammograms. And now, a number of patients have contacted Richmond 6 to express their frustrations and concerns.

"It's a big mess. We're stuck out there in limbo not knowing," Mary Louise Smith, one of Bigg's former patients, told the news outlet, according to a June 9 story. Smith said she wants her medical records so another doctor can look at her mammograms, but the office is closed and she “can’t get in touch with anyone.”

Stephanie Grana, a partner at Breit, Cantor, Grana and Buckner, is representing one of Bigg’s patients who died of breast cancer in April. The civil suit alleges that Bigg misread the woman's mammograms and ultrasounds for four years.

Bigg denies such allegations, claiming he did not breach the standard of care, the Virginia news organization reported.

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