An analysis of patients with atrial fibrillation at the Cleveland Clinic found the yield of using myocardial perfusion imaging for detecting ischemia was low and did not significantly increase with increasing cardiovascular risk. Ischemia was not associated with mortality, either.

When implantable heart-help devices malfunction in cancer patients undergoing non-neutron-producing radiation therapy, don’t blame the malfunction on the therapy. 

Recent research has found that routine early use of MRI in children with suspected ischemic stroke could speed diagnosis and treatment. This message was underscored by the experience of 13-year-old Isaac Webber in the U.K., who, as The Guardian reports, had a close call when his stroke diagnosis was delayed.

Up to two-thirds of neurologists inaccurately interpreted advanced imaging tests used to detect strokes in initial findings from a survey presented at the Canadian Stroke Congress in Vancouver.

Cadel Evans, the former world champion and Australia’s first Tour de France winner, pedaled inside an MRI machine in Brisbane, Australia’s Prince Charles Hospital to support cardiac research, as reported by The Australian online Nov. 11.

Researchers at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn., are working on an image-guided process for removing clots after intracerebral hemorrhage. However, rather than rely on an expert surgeon to conduct the challenging procedure, the researchers are leveraging the steady hand of a robot.