One radiologist estimates that only 50% of his patients have had their annual mammograms.

The pair recently announced the first five projects to receive funding through the new collaboration.

Shared decision-making visits between a patient and doctor who were familiar with one another led to lower screening rates.

President and CEO Ken Song, MD, said the radiopharmaceutical field remains an untapped opportunity in cancer care.

German researchers reported success using Cerenkov luminescence imaging in 10 patients, according to a first-in-human study published in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

The ultrasound-guided approach may also be used in biopsy planning when MRI is not available, experts wrote in AJR.

Some docs using this new method could save up to 75 hours each year, Michigan Medicine researchers explained in Radiology.

Ruby Shakelford is the fourth patient to sue radiologist Michael Bigg and Allison Breast Cancer Center in Richmond, Virginia.

Patients typically wait a while to understand if their treatment is working, but this imaging approach could reduce that time and help personalize care.

University at Buffalo researchers recently received a four-year, $1.4 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to advance their technology.

Canadian researchers found no notable difference in specificity and sensitivity between the two approaches, they explained recently in AJR.

CEUS helps physicians diagnose some forms of liver cancer more safely and less expensively than CT and MRI, according to a report published in Hepatoma Research.