Diagnostic accuracy can suffer under inappropriate lighting levels, researchers explained in Radiography.

An ultrasound-fist strategy for suspected appendicitis is considered a primary driver of the decline and may be warranted for older populations, experts wrote in AJR.

Despite those similarities, EVALI and the novel coronavirus require very different treatments, UC Davis Health experts said on Thursday.

The four-hour workshop includes hands-on training and supervised scanning sessions.

Cooled radiofrequency ablation works by directing low-grade current to crucial nerve areas, slowing pain signals to the brain.

In 20% of such cases, guideline-discordant exams forced providers to use an additional imaging modality, researchers explained.

With backing from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the imaging disrupter will send 20 of its Swoop machines to experts around the globe.

American Cancer Society researchers also found that state-level screening rates are not aligned with lung cancer cases.

Individuals exposed to diagnostic radiation in the first decade of their life face an increased risk of developing the disease, Penn Medicine experts reported recently.

Experts from two top institutions shared their arguments for and against abbreviated exams in AJR.

The combination detected more cancers overall and a larger crop of early stage cases compared to digital mammography, Italian researchers reported in Radiology.

Interventional rad volumes didn't fall as hard as diagnostic imaging totals which should spark conversation about redefining "essential" procedures, physicians explained on Tuesday.