Individuals may test positive for the virus even after stringent imaging and lab testing suggest they have recovered and are fit to leave the hospital, researchers reported in JAMA.

Shenzhen Second People's Hospital sits near the Wuhan area and has examined more than 1,400 suspected cases of COVID-19. Clinicians detailed their experience in Academic Radiology.

Researchers examined more than 1,000 individuals who underwent both lab testing and chest CT, publishing their findings in Radiology.

Purdue University engineers believe their novel radio-frequency coils could greatly improve diagnostic imaging and other medical testing.

Abbreviated breast MRI is promising, but must also overcome concerns related to cost and access, one expert noted in an editorial accompanying a new JAMA study.

Novice imaging readers agreed on more nodule features and categories, compared to experienced physicians, but this gap did not impact final recommendations for fine-needle aspiration biopsy.

While the field continues to make technology-centered advances, it must remember to think about the patient's daily struggle with the deadly disease, an expert wrote Feb. 24 in JACR.

"We hope that the tool will one day enable clinicians to determine the most effective doses of specific drugs in specific patients, so as to further optimize the treatment of infectious diseases," investigators of the new trial wrote in Nature Medicine.

The study details the first case of associated bilateral pleural effusions in an individual with lab-confirmed COVID-19.

Babies who suffer from a lack of oxygen are often treated using whole-body cooling in order to save brain tissue, but until now it's been difficult to determine how this therapy actually impacts the organ.

Two imaging findings—specifically, joint capsule swelling and thickness at the recess of the armpit—are useful to predict shoulder stiffness in patients with this particular injury.

Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge had previously halted all mammography exams after an ACR and FDA review found technical quality issues in a set of its images.