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Washington University in St. Louis experts say they can estimate how far dementia has progressed and how much time is left before cognitive impairment sets in.

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center experts believe the differences could have an impact on cancer detection.

Despite Medicare funding LDCT screening programs in the U.S., experts say uptake remains low, at around 4%.

Stratifying exams according to risk can reduce unnecessary imaging and downstream costs of care, Hawaiian researchers reported in Radiology.

A special RSNA committee unveiled their update in a new report published Tuesday in Radiology.

Scans performed within 24 hours of admission predicted if patients would require intensive care, oxygen during their stay or be readmitted within 30 days.

The triple-S model accurately estimates a patient's risk of intracranial aneurysm rupture based on a handful of risk factors, experts reported Monday in JAMA Neurology.

An American College of Radiology expert panel surveyed nearly 400 healthcare professionals last year for their findings.

The provider has also failed to comply with an FDA request to notify patients and referrers of the breast screening problems.

Neurology experts using Hyperfine's bedside system correctly spotted 80% of intracerebral hemorrhages.

Additionally, repetitive strain from a history of bat or racket sports wasn't associated with symptomatic osteoarthritis, experts reported recently.

Michigan Medicine doctors believe comprehensive screenings may be best accomplished via primary care-patient relationships rather than targeted screening sites.

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CVS Health has announced a hiring blitz with the aim to add 25,000 pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses and retail store associates.



David Sides has been named president and CEO of NextGen Healthcare, an ambulatory-focused technology company that develops electronic health record software.


AI should not be used to predict the course of clinical depression if all it has to work with are new patients’ medical records of past diagnoses, medications, encounters and patient-reported outcomes.

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