Diagnostic & Screening

Routine respiratory follow-up and new treatment strategies will be required for those who were hospitalized with severe infection, experts noted.

Ultrasound is used as the initial diagnostic test for suspected appendicitis in most children's hospitals, underscoring the importance of these findings, experts explained in JACR.

The AI performed comparably to imaging experts and may best serve as a triage tool or additional reader to reduce the risk of missing a fracture.

The American College of Radiology announced its dose index registry project recently in JACR.

Using deep learning, researchers can gather necessary calcification data in less than half a second, they reported Thursday in Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging.

Only 34.7% of patients were happy with a mammography-only approach and many weren't worried about contrast imaging risks, according to a new single-center survey.

Physicians called on imaging societies, clinicians and news media to spread awareness about vaccine-related swollen lymph nodes.

The coalition specifically called out Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Health Care Services Corporation and UnitedHealthcare, in an April 1 letter.

Body composition assessments are readily available in most clinics and may help doctors take early action in high-risk patients, according to a new study published in RSNA's journal Radiology.

Parallel and simultaneous multi-slice imaging offer the most promising path to shorter knee scans, one Cleveland Clinic expert said recently.

The prospective study compared nearly 15,000 women who underwent DBT and mammography to more than 26,000 in a digital mammo-only group.

Experts from Australia and the U.K. said strategies to improve reporting are "urgently" needed in order for the public to receive more balanced information.