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"By looking at the mammograms from the perspective of the radiologist, the technologist is more likely to obtain an additional image to avoid an unnecessary recall," experts explained this week.

Additionally, those who undergo a diagnostic versus screening exam can suffer damaging effects, including higher radiation dosages and alternate follow-up recommendations.

The complex anatomy and variety of diseases in the head and neck make such imaging exams particularly vulnerable to mistakes.

The combined breast screening technique also improves cancer detection rates, new research shows.

Radiologists should consider a misdiagnosis on index imaging among those who come back to the ED for additional exams, experts said this week.

CAD surpassed three radiologists at identifying two out of seven chest findings, including pulmonary nodules and infectious consolidation, a new study shows.

The imaging technique could identify thousands of patients each year who may benefit from thrombectomy more than 24 hours after suffering a clot.

The platform utilizing both image types detected cancer with a positive predictive value of 44%, beating out a contrast-only approach.

Experts tracked patients managed across 11 treatment centers over the course of more than a decade for their findings.

Parent-assisted MRI scans improve imaging procedures and reduce associated costs, experts reported recently.

The new research spells good news for the future of breast imaging, experts noted in the European Journal of Radiology.

Female surgeons, in particular, are abiding by evidence-based guidelines, but a more selective approach is still needed among doctors.

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