Those who arrived at ground zero within about 2 weeks of the attacks showed more evidence of disease on their scans, Mount Sinai researchers reported.

"This brings supplemental screening MRI for women with dense breasts one step closer to implementation," researchers remarked recently.

Swedish researchers also reduced biopsies by 50% and plan to share "exciting" results related to the method's cost-effectiveness soon.

18F-FET PET/MR also changed providers' clinical management plans in more than 30% of cases, experts reported recently.

Deep learning-based algorithms can serve as a second reader to limit variability in PI-RADS assessments, researchers reported in the European Journal of Radiology.

Natural language processing was up to 99% accurate at spotting cancer spread across 13 different organs.

Expert rads showed "strong" agreement for each scan read using the Prostate Imaging Quality score, according to new research in European Radiology.

Scientists turned to both nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and cry-electron microscopy for their findings, shared Wednesday in Nature.

Patients also benefit by avoiding unneeded radiation exposure, while healthcare systems sidestep added medical costs.

The novel radiopharmaceutical may one day eliminate the need for needle biopsies, according to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center researchers.

Patients with automatically flagged reports were more likely to be seen in a dedicated pancreas clinic and undergo additional imaging, experts explained in JACR.

Relying solely on transvaginal ultrasound in this population is often not enough to guide biopsy decision making, University of Washington Medicine oncologists wrote.

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